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Fourth of July Celebration Food Allergy Tips

Fourth of July Celebration Food Allergy Tips

Are you hosting or attending a Fourth of July celebration? The following FARE tips will help be prepared for considering food allergies.

If you’re hosting:

  • Provide labels or markers to write names on cups to prevent mix-ups.
  • Ask your guests ahead of time how you can best help them have a safe and enjoyable time.
  • If there will be allergens present, be sure to clearly label those dishes.
  • Clean your grill thoroughly and provide foil to wrap food to help prevent cross contact.
  • Barbeque sauce is a typical unexpected source of many allergens. If you are cooking for a guest with food allergies, you could try making this recipe that is free of the top eight allergens.
  • Wipe down tables, chairs, toys, and cooking surfaces to remove traces of food.
  • If children with food allergies will be attending the cookout, talk to all children about not sharing food before the get-together starts.

If you’re a guest:

  • Clearly label water bottles or cups with everyone’s names; teach children which ones are theirs.
  • Double-check the product labels on insect sprays and sunscreens; some contain food allergens.
  • Speak to the host ahead of time about your allergies, or bring a packed meal with safe foods just in case.
  • Keep epinephrine auto-injectors at room temperature, out of direct sunlight and extreme heat (do not refrigerate or store in the car). If necessary, you can store epinephrine in a cooler.
  • Keep tabs on how many alcoholic beverages you drink, as alcohol consumption may lower your ability to recognize an allergic reaction, give medications, and summon help.
  • Be the first to serve out of a bowl. This will reduce the risk of contaminated utensils being used.
  • When in doubt, eat a quick meal before you go. The fun in going to a cookout is really in enjoying your friends and the summer season!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday!