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How to avoid foods that contain Egg

How to avoid foods that contain Egg

For those affected by an egg allergy, reading labels is crucial to avoiding the allergen.

But what about foods that are not packaged? Egg and egg by-products can often be found in many restaurant dishes.

Be suspicious of the following foods and always question.

Baked Goods: Even if a baked good, such as pretzels or bagels, do not contain egg in the ingredients list they might have an egg wash added to the surface for shine.

Pasta: Egg is usually not a necessary ingredient in pastas but there is potential for cross contamination on shared production lines.

Pizza Dough: Egg may be used as an egg wash to create a shiny crust.

Breaded Foods: Any food that is breaded and then baked or fried may contain egg as a binder.

Meatballs and loaves: Once again, egg might act as a binder in these foods.



Veggie burgers and meat alternates


Foam on Specialty Coffee Drinks and Soda

While some egg allergies may be able to tolerate egg baked into an item, there are others who might have to avoid those foods as well.

Ask your allergist about your egg allergy and what you may be able to tolerate.