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Food Allergy Tips To Stay Safe And Enjoy New Year’s

New Year's Food Allergy Tips Flower Mound Denton Texas

Food Allergy Tips To Stay Safe And Enjoy New Year’s

Are you getting ready for New Year’s Eve 🎊 and New Year’s Day 🎉 meals? We have tasty food allergy tips to stay safe and enjoy the celebrations:

  1. Always read labels - While it’s always important to read labels, ensure you are reading labels for activity boxes.
  2. Plan ahead - let the hosts know about the food allergies present. This can be an excellent opportunity to educate family members about food allergies. As there is often great misunderstanding about food allergies, it is important to let loved ones know that food allergies are serious and can even be life-threatening in small quantities.
  3. Keep “safe dishes” separate and labeled from those which have the ingredients.
  4. Educate about cross-contact– this is a newer term describing when food proteins from other foods mix, even in small amounts and can cause reactions.
  5. Get creative! Substitute! If you are hosting, there are many ways to substitute the major allergens.
  6. ALWAYS carry emergency medications, including two doses of Epipen/Auvi-Q and an antihistamine. Accidents can happen, and it’s important to be prepared.
  7. If eating out at restaurants, providing chef cards that list allergies can provide clear communication to the restaurant about “safe foods.”
Our board-certified allergists, experienced PAs and friendly office staff are here to answer your questions and help find peace of mind during the holiday season. Get started today!