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Tips for Traveling if your Gluten Free

Tips for Traveling if your Gluten Free

Anyone who is living with a food allergy, intolerance or condition such as Celiac Disease can know how stressful traveling can be. Below we have listed ten tips to help make your travel experience less stressful and more enjoyable.

Pack up snacks wherever you go. Always bring along gluten-free breads/tortillas, muffins, snack bars, nuts, yogurt, cheese, and instant gluten-free oatmeal.

Do your restaurant research. Visit some of these websites for good suggestions:

For car travelers, pack an extra toaster for gluten-free bread, if possible.

If staying with family or friends, communicate. Let them know what it means to be gluten-free, the damage even a small amount could cause if ingested, and safe food handling practices.

If travelling in a foreign country, travel with language cards. Some can be found at:

Search for a hotel that can accommodate a refrigerator and microwave.

Don’t forget to pack up accessories like: plastic wrap, cutlery, and other disposables for hotel rooms.

Pack adequate amounts of over the counter medications or nutrition supplements to last your trip. Unfamiliar brands may contain gluten.

Some travel options that cater to the gluten-free crowd.

According to the Gluten-Free Globetrotter good cities to travel to include: Dublin, Tokyo, Capetown, Denver, Rome, Austin, New York City, Mexico City, Cochin, India, and Portland, Oregon.