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Which Probiotic Strains Should I Look For?

Which Probiotic Strains Should I Look For?

With so many probiotics on the market, how can you know which ones are best suited for your needs?

Different probiotic strains will support different body functions. Probiotics work synergistically, meaning they work together to enhance their function therefore having a few strains in a product is beneficial.

We also know that there is unique benefit of various strains. While some support immunity, others enhance gut function, or women’s health.

The number of strains should also be a consideration. While a product might claim to have a large number of CFUs, that number will be meaningless unless it is of a beneficial strain.

Additionally, whether probiotics are found in foods or supplements, the content of the probiotic is generally more important than the way in which it is consumed.

The following strains have undergone extensive research and have been demonstrated to be beneficial in the following areas:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Irritable Bowel Disease Diarrhea Immunity Women’s Health
B coagulans B infantis B breve L gasseri L casei
B infantis E faecium B infantis B bifidum L acidophilus
B longum Escherichia B longum B longum L reuteri
E faecium E Coli Nissle L acidophilus L plantarum L plantarum
L acidophilus L helveticus L bulgaricus L reuteri
L bulgaricus L plantarum L paracasei L paracasei
L Helveticus L rhamnosus GG L reuteri L acidophilus
L paracasei L rhamnosus GG L lactis
L plantarum L acidophilus L casei
L rhamnosus S boulardii S boulardii S thermophilus
L salivarius L casei