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Ask The Dietitian: Probiotics from Foods

Ask The Dietitian: Probiotics from Foods


I’ve heard that probiotics can be so good for me, but how can I get them from foods?  I don’t like to take pills.


Probiotics have been shown to be very beneficial in creating a healthy gut. They can not only improve digestion but they may also influence immunity and help with weight loss.

It is not necessary to take probiotics through pills. There are a number of foods that are rich in probiotics that have a similar beneficial effect on our bodies.  Some of these foods include:

Tempeh: naturally fermented soybean that are also rich in protein. This is a really good probiotic option for vegetarians.

Miso: This is fermented paste from barley, rice and soybeans.

Sauerkraut: Made from cabbage and salt, cabbage is also rich in fiber.

Kimchi: This is spicy fermented cabbage.

Yogurt: Look for a yogurt that says: “Live and Active Cultures” . This guarantees 100 million probiotic cultures/gram.

Kefir: Fermented milk drink that is rich in calcium.

Kombucha: Tangy tea that is black or green. It is often flavored with herbs and fruit Soft cheeses Sourdough bread Milk with added probiotic